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Imanuel Jason

Imanuel Jason is a 3D artist based in San Francisco, specializing in hard surface and environment modeling. In his study at Academy of Art University, he has mastered his skills in photorealistic and stylized 3D models. For the last 10 years, he has put his hands on graphic design, matte painting, motion graphics, animation, photography, and last but not least, 3D modeling. In his encounter with 3D arts, Jason saw a huge potential on what 3D arts can do in bringing an idea to life. With this passion, Jason found that 3D modeling is the journey he wants to stick with.


Jason was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on February 12, 1996. Inspired by various blockbuster games and movies, He found his interest in animation and arts since he was in junior high school. At 8th grade, he started his journey by joining the animation club. He began learning the basic image-editing skill in Photoshop, and 2D interactive animation in Flash. Throughout his studies, he has created posters, web designs, and 2D flash animations for school projects. His passion in CGI kept on going since then. In high school, he continued his journey in motion graphic arts. Along with his study, he also worked part-time in a multimedia company in Jakarta as a graphic and motion graphic designer for 3 years. Followed by his passion in the world of CG, he started his study at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. However, instead of studying graphic design, he chose animation & visual effects major to have a more in-depth study on 3D pipeline. That was where he found his interest in 3D modeling. He was fascinated by the way the modelers could transfer 2D concepts into a 3D art, bringing an idea closer to reality. At Academy of Art, Jason has been building his skills in modeling, both organic and hard surface modeling. 


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